The audio-visual sector (comprised by cinema, animation, television and advertising) is the strongest sector of the Argentine’s cultural industry, being the 38,5% of the cultural GDP. The technological advances forced it to constantly update how to register, make, consume and distribute its productions.

In Argentina, the audio-visual sector grew 164% between 2004 and 2013, mainly due to multiple support and promotional policies for production backed by the INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts), and the creation of the Audio-visual Communication Services Law. This made possible a growth of local television productions and the creation of new ways to watch screened contents.

Internet’s advancement, added to the multi-platform media, social networks, playback, communication and consumer devices, require an increase of audio-visual contents. This becomes a great opportunity for cultural trades that our country owns and exports overseas.

Foreign trade of audiovisual services amounted to $ 400 million during 2014, placing the country as the 4th largest exporter. Project quality and scope are ever improving.

There are laws, learning spaces and funds to support the sector. However, it’s challenging to subvert the high concentration of production and distribution groups. MICA’s task is fundamental to democratize and to spread information equally in the whole country, stimulating the growth of thousands of particular specialists and small and medium sized business through meetings, business rounds, networking and training of the best quality level.

  • Service providers: cameras, lighting, sound, post-edition, assorted services.
  • Content producers
  • Production services: television, cinema, advertisement
  • Video-Jockeys, visual artists, video clip producers, audio visual cinematographers.
  • Specialists: playwrights, directors, producers, cinematographers, art directors, sound managers, editors, colour-timers, etc.
  • Festivals programmers, directors or representatives.
  • Distributors / sales agents
  • TV exhibitors
  • Multi-platform exhibitors
  • Cinema exhibitors
  • Chambers / Associations / Groups
  • Publishers of specialist publications.