The sector includes related disciplines of graphic design, illustration, multimedia, fashion design and jewelry, furniture, lighting, utilitarian and decorative objects. Design has shown steady growth in recent years, especially with a marked expansion of professionals related to the theme in every Argentine province.

According to a study conducted by the INTI (National Institute for Industrial Technology) Textile Trends Observatory for the design sector author, we observed that surveyed 273 companies producing signature clothing design (72% in the provinces and 28% in Buenos Aires city). The segment bills for a yearly production and marketing of garments approximately $ 716.4 million. 44% of the companies employ between 2 and 10 people.

These numbers show a remarkable growth in this area, as the result of a state policy aimed at achieving greater visibility for the manufacturers and give the design a high symbolic and cultural value.

MICA works constantly with a firm support to the manufacturers by providing tools for professionalization and development in a demanding and competitive market. From MICA, we encourage the exchange and synergy between makers, circulating new ideas, analyzing creative languages ​​to find those features that make the country’s creative identity. Similarly, we consider the need to spread design in domestic and international markets accounting for the diversity and richness of our local production.

  • Graphic / Illustration
  • Clothing and related
  • Industrial / objects
  • Jewelry
  • Multimedia / web