The Ministry of Culture of Argentina launched the virtual platform to participate in business rounds to be held within the 2015 edition of MICA (Argentine Cultural Industries Market).
In MICA’s website,, the entrepreneurs who want to attend the rounds must complete a simple registration form and then select the meetings.

MICA 3rd edition will take place on September 3-6 at Centro Cultural Kirchner (Kirchner Cultural Centre), Buenos Aires, with an eye toward promoting economic and geographical decentralization of the culture industry, improving distribution and exhibiting diversity of creations and voices.

The National Director of Cultural Industries, Natalia Calcagno, defines the MICA as “a public policy, a State-organized marketplace that seeks to promote the participation of Argentine small producers in the cultural economy, which is a highly concentrated market. Diversity is essential to the full enjoyment of the right to culture.”

After 2011 y 2013 editions, the novelty of MICA 2015 will be a virtual platform to make business rounds in a collaborative way. “For this meeting, we conducted a quantitative and qualitative study of previous editions and, from there, we got positive results and the possibility of improving the business rounds dynamics,” Calcagno said. She added that by this assessment, and also comparing the experiences of other international markets, “the digital platform was designed to make business rounds more precise and dynamic”.

Rounds are one of the cornerstones of MICA, and this platform aim is to improve its efficiency. Therefore, online registration will be required to participate in this trading stage.

Thus, from the website, buyers and sellers of products, projects and services sectors music, design, performing arts, visual arts, publishing and video games should be enrolled for set down business rounds with invited from home or abroad entrepreneurs. This new method is defined by the producers themselves and allows the previous virtual communication; so, it ensures appropriate and dynamic meetings.

MICA is intended to producers, managers and businessmen with cultural project in progress. It seeks to boost their activity as well to make their production visible. It is a unique opportunity for new business deals, and also making contacts and nationwide networking.
Applicants must upload their enterprise’s profile in the virtual platform and provide requested information (images, videos, web pages, etc.), as they wish to buy or sell products. Then, from July 1st, the interactive stage starts; the profile will be available to other entrepreneurs, and it will be possible to ask or accept meetings within the framework of business rounds.

At MICA 2015, there will be workshops, showcases, conferences, trainings, master classes, exhibitions and live shows.

Kirchner Cultural Centre, where MICA will be held, is the largest venue for culture of Latin America. It is located in the very heart of Buenos Aires and has 10 floors, 51 exhibition rooms and a total of 110,000 m2, where creativity and cultural innovation of our country will be displayed.