Since May 24th, when it was launched by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, 100.000 visitors came to the Kirchner Cultural Centre (CCK). They have enjoyed symphonic and popular music concerts, theatre plays intended for kids and adults, art exhibits, talks and lectures, all those activities with free admission.

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During this first month of activities, many performances were presented by local and abroad artists, the likes of Austrian musician Günter Neuhold, who led a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra (which permanently resides at the CCK), Nana Vasconcelos, Juan Falú, Lidia Borda, Cristina Banegas, Cecilia Todd, Luis Felipe Noé, Hugo Fattoruso, the Surdomundo Orchestra Impossible, Nano Stern, Brian Chambouleyron, Quintino Cinalli and Liliana Herrero, among many others.

From June 18-21, thousands of visitors enjoyed the usual guided tours through the former Palacio de Correos (Central Post Office). There, they could find the exhibits dedicated to Eva Perón and Nestor Kirchner, the Bienal de Performances 2015 art installations, the artistic programming of La Ballena Azul (The Blue Whale, a symphonic hall for 1,750 spectators), the Sala Federal and the Cupula, that were filled on top all weekend long.

Besides, on Friday 19th, the exhibition “Interfaces. Una antología posible” (“Interfaces. A possible anthology”) was inaugurated. This exhibition is a dialogue between diverse visual expressions from different Argentina’s regions. In addition, there is “Arte y Correo” (“Art and Mail”), an exhibition displayed in four halls where the links between art and the postal service are explored.

The CCK is part of the policies of equal access to culture carried on by the National Government, through Ministries of Culture and Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services