The performing arts sector in Argentina shows a strong development: there’s more than 1100 theatres spread across the whole country, even though there’s a notable concentration in metropolitan areas of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, the Atlantic Coast and the province of Córdoba. Besides, the last year more than 4 million spectators were surveyed.

This sector comprises all types of theatrical productions: dance, interpretative dance, puppetry, object theatre, performances, musical comedy, opera and all its genres. Each one of these disciplines shows regional and local particularities, establishing a widely diverse landscape.

The performing arts face the challenge of making themselves visible not just as the leading rôle in the symbolic cultural construction, but as an important economic sector that generates work directly or indirectly.

The performing art is complex, can’t be stored, is necessarily live and its circulation is different from musical, editorial or audio-visual products. The plays come about, are ephemeral, the tours have a settled duration. In certain sense, it’s an art tied to the production more than to reproduction; and this marks a difference from other cultural trades.

MICA is a space where makers can establish relationships along producers and programmers, both domestic and foreign. It also stimulates the creation of networks, circuits and managing and business associative links that benefit the growth of the trade and its workers.

  • Designers, regisseurs, producers and technicians
  • Direction
  • Dramaturgy
  • Coreography
  • Programmers, directors or representatives of festivals, shows or network
  • Programmers of performing spaces and/or producers (theatres, cultural centres, etc.)
  • Chambers / associations / groups
  • Providers of artistic or technical services