In Argentina, 85% of the population regularly read in different formats: newspapers, books, magazines and screens. Likewise, in the last decade the national publishing industry went through a process of recovery and growth, establishing production records during 2014.

At the same time this growth coincided with a global trend. In recent years, the industry’s concentration increased in the ownership of a group of publishers of transnational origin, whose twenty firms account for half of the local market. Besides, over 90% of this production is in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires city.

Thus, the publishing industry is composed of large publishing groups, by several small and medium-sized publishers long established in the market, and new publishers that have emerged in recently. Regarding distribution, the country has an extensive network of bookshops distributed throughout the territory, however tending to concentrate in two large bookstore chains that hinder the development of independent projects.

Answering the needs of the publishing industry, the State keeps an active rôle to ensure both bibliodiversity as a cultural value and deconcentration, that keeps being an economic aim to achieve. Encouraging a pluralistic publishing business guarantees the democratic spreading of ideas, promotes the cultural heritage and transmits knowledge. In this sense, MICA is the space for strengthening small and medium enterprises throughout the country.

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