Only for those enrolled in Business Rounds

Live performances, or showcases, are limited time presentations that are performed before an audience (guests and accredited buyers: producers, festival programmers, etc.). They are aimed to the branches of Music and Performing Arts. 

In order to participate, first you need to sign in to business rounds.

Call for Music performers

Music showcases are a short presentation (20 minutes) before guests and registered buyers (producers, festival programmers, etc.).

The artists selected for this program should facilitate promotional material requested by the organization.

Conditions for application to MICA 2015 Music Showcases:

  • Aimed at Argentina’s bands and / or soloists of all styles and genres
  • Applicants must have at least 2 (two) nationwide released disks and 2 (two) years of professional career, with live shows, verifiable by articles or press mentions, broadcasting material, etc, at least until December 2014.
  • They must certify their participation in local, regional or abroad festivals.

Call for Performing Arts

In Performing Arts showcases, the play are enact before guests and registred buyers (producers, festival programmers, etc.) as well before a general audience.

Conditions for  MICA 2015 Performing Arts Showcases:

  • Plays duration must not exceed 1 hour.

    The scenery and props must be self-supporting since it is not possible to hang, nailing nor anchoring elements to ceiling, floors or walls.

    The stage lighting should be a basic proposal, which will be agreed and shared with the other selected casts at the time of staging.

    Circus performing must be on floor, since there is no possibility of hanging air elements.