In recent years the domestic videogame industry has not just adapted to new media like Internet (especially after the explosion of social networks) or mobile devices, but has begun to show a substantial change in its production. Several Argentine companies that only provided development services for third parties, are currently creating games with intellectual property (understood as their own video game developer, be it a company or an entrepreneur).

This phenomenon has generated a large community of entrepreneurs in this sector that combines design elements, music, audiovisual and programming expertise. Due the current demand for producers, the need to create communication networks and generate marketing discussions is evident. So is adapting to trends of a highly competitive market, the creation of legal statutes appropriate to such creations or investment and testing of independent projects.

Conversely, the impact of digital technology in the entertainment industry has not only changed the ways of consumption, but also opens possibilities for new business models for producers, distributors and exhibitors that shall have to be considered and discussed.

MICA offers a space for reflection and exchange, where producers participate in lectures, conferences, networking and playing sessions with the aim of creating a necessary dialogue between the makers of a national gaming industry that has just begun.

  • Programming
  • Art (2d, 3d, illustration)
  • Game designer
  • Script
  • Production
  • Music / Sound Design
  • Testing
  • Communication and marketing
  • Community Management